Oct 5th Update

Papers that I am Reading:

Tacttoo: A Thin and Feel-Through Tattoo for On-Skin Tactile Output

The Tacttoo paper provided some great technical resources for building my own EMS circuit and my own electrode that can provide high conductivity. In term of circuit, they layout the general framework of how they are controlling the EMS through microcontroller. Their three-layer architecture provide protection against over-current, leakage current. For the electrode, they were using PEDOT Electrode and Silver Electrode as the main conductive materials for transmitter the amplify signal. The paper suggest that their film were thin enough so that the user can still feel the real physical object while being able to provide the haptic feedback.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.30.53 AM.png

Video I watched

Cognitive Science Professor Roberta L. Klatzky talk about rendering material properties through touch. Professor Klatzky’s work revolves around Perception especially Spatial and Haptic Perception. She had collaborated with other Engineering Professor to create different haptic rendering tools. One notable she mentioned in this video was the limitation of finger detection of pattern. The finger can distinguished up to ~.25mm gap between each bump.


I have been thinking a lot about the role material information that is embodied in virtual data rather than physical data. I have been thinking about the limitation of the fidelity of encoding and decoding material properties. One advantage of such encoding and decoding could be to save space and cost in material libraries when designer are still at early design stage. The purpose of my project is rather to allow designers(users) to explore different material texture and also create their own material texture library. It is not the tool for deciding the final material because there are aspect of material properties that can be only known through the real material. This limitation of simulation make me believe that my purpose tool is for exploration of material rather it be in design pedagogical context or early design process. I am still trying to narrow down which aspect of the context to tackle.