Progress and Process

Bluetooth HC-05 Test

For the bluetooth control project, I was using HC05 bluetooth module that can act as both the transmitter and the receiver. I used this because I want the bluetooth to connect from one Arduino to another Arduino. It was also a cheaper option. Many bluetooth module connect only to phone or computer because they are preset with an established platform. For the two bluetooth module to connect to each other, I needed to program the bluetooth module to automatically connect to each other when it is on. 

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Morse Gloves send data through Bluetooth to Bluetooth connection. It uses flex sensor to send to data to specific vibration motor for the message. The flex sensor monitor of index finger in one glove send data to the ring finger vibration motor of another. (Index finger to Ring finger and Middle finger to Pinky finger). These raw flex sensors data are converted into angle. Then threshold is set at angle around (160-220 degree). When a threshold is hit on flex sensor, it send one of these state: (0,1,2,3,4,5). For the master glove, 0 = both fingers off, 1 = index finger on , 2 = middle finger on. For the slave glove, 3 = both fingers off, 4 = index finger on, 5 = middle finger on. The idea of Morse Gloves to communicate without anyone noticing. It could be use to communicate without the knowledge of others. 

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The result of the project was what I had in mind, which is to create a seamless connection between two gloves using HC-05 bluetooth connection. The flex sensors threshold allowed the duration of the on and off vibration to differ so it can mimic the morse code.