For my final project for my Business-to-Business Marketing class, we were asked to create an advertisement that could appeal to business entities. We were separated into groups of 2-3 people. My group and I chose GYRO, a B-2-B marketing agency, as our business entity. The project time frame was 5 weeks and the video was required to be between 1:30 to 2:00 mins. 

Project Guidelines & Deliverables

  1. A two minutes Video Commercial.


My group and I tried to develop the idea based on their slogan "Igniting business decisions in a numb world." The company culture and image is mainly about creating ideas that are relevant to humans. In other words, the main concept behind gyro as a company is to humanize the process of Business-to-Business Marketing. From this initial idea, we developed a concept of comparing the age-old business practices that value relationships less than the current business practices that put relationships first. Subsequently we came up with the tagline, "Be Like Business Now" to encourage B-2-B companies to have a brand identity and personality that relates well with people even when they are usually dealing with other big companies. This is because big companies are also made up of people that would like to connect with other people that have personality. Therefore, associating identities and personalities with brands are more important than ever as it helps create a perception of the unique value that the brands will offer. Hence, the main goal of Gyro is to try to connect Businesses with other Businesses and build relationship among them through the humanization of corporate identity. 

Project Development

From the tagline "Be Like Business Now", we thought the scene should be a business meeting contrasting two different types of business practices (Old vs. New, Business vs. Relationship). After various location scoutings, we found that the business center of an apartment of one of the group members will be best as we can access it multiple times. We planned the shoot to be two full days, which is divided into Old Business Practices (day one) and New Business Practices (day two). The whole project was shot with a GoPro because of limited resources that were provided to us. I edited the shots using the Adobe Premiere Pro. To keep the editing process simple, most of the takes were longer. The shorter shots were created to connect the longer shots together. 

Old Business Practices 

The plot involves a businessman going up the elevator and meeting with a business partner to conduct business activities. The first version (Old Business Practices) was in black and white to symbolize the business in the past and the classic song was used to support it. The wardrobe of the first version is also very traditional which includes white shirts with black suits and black shoes. The acting involved being cold and emotionless to indicate the impersonal characteristics of old business practices. 

New Business Practices

The plot is exactly the same to show the contrast in the corporate relationship between old and new business practices. This version was in color with a cheerful song to support the mood. The wardrobe was casual to show the relaxed attitude of businesses today and it also implied that business meetings are more about the content of the meetings rather than the way businessmen dress. The acting was more friendly involving hugs, smiles, and more collaboration.


The ending showed the 2 types of business practices side by side and ask which would you rather choose to invoke the business decision in the mind of the potential clients. We were required to add credits in the end so it was included during the last 10 seconds.


I believe overall the project was well done given the limited resources available. I was the technical person of the group who edited the whole video, film, and directed most of the shots. The biggest issue with the video was in the end as the side by side comparison shot was not aligned after the rendering. Hence, I had to render the video 10 times before the program was able to give me the proper alignment. I also believe we chose the right business to represent as it was the B-2-B Marketing Agency which represents many other businesses in the B-2-B field. 

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